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Genome Tech is working to find ways to overcome the immense social challenges that the world currently faces.
In particular, while using gene analysis technologies from sources such as the University of Tokyo Faculty of Agriculture to deal with issues of energy, the environment, and food supplies, we are combining genomic breeding methods with traditional approaches to improving crops to produce tailor-made solution systems that will be used to tackle the world's problems.


The LINK will determine the number of shares to be sold on the basis of the share price at that time. Shares will be sold beginning with the shares from the first purchase period. The LINK has the right to issue convertible bonds for some of the stock in its possession, and to sell them to investors from the general public. This allows you to avoid some of the procedures that are typically necessary when acquiring stock or convertible bonds. Purchasing with Bitcoin is also possible, allowing you to make a hassle-free investment.


Receive profit from sale of shares on redemption date

Pay with Bitcoin

Issuance of convertible bonds

Buy with US dollars



Investment can be made with Bitcoin

By paying with Bitcoin, even users who do not have access to US dollars can invest.

Profits from sale of shares are distributed

On or after the redemption date, the LINK will sell some of its shares. The profits from those sales will be distributed to customers, with the amount received dependent upon the type of package purchased.

Invest quickly and easily

Buying from the LINK allows you to skip procedures that are necessary when purchasing stock, allowing you to begin investing right away.


Each investment package's portion of the capital gains from the sale of shares will be distributed equally among the investors who purchased that package. The higher the level of the investment package, the higher its portion of the capital gains from the sale of shares will be.



"In anticipation of the listing of Genome Tech on exchanges and the sale of convertible bonds, the LINK is currently looking for investors.
Genome Tech has steadily been making preparations for its listing on the Australian Securities Exchange. After the company's stock has been listed there, its goal will be to have its stock listed on exchanges in Singapore, Thailand, and London."


Purchase a package by BTC


Genome Tech's stock will be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange


Convertible bonds held by the LINK will be sold on the redemption date (The number of shares sold will depend on the share price.)


Profits from sale of shares are distributed, with the amount received depending on the package purchased